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Compromise Less.

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Astro is a financial technology company, not a bank.

Plus everything you’d expect from a modern banking experience

Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

32,000 ATMs available for access fee-free through the MoneyPass® network.

How it works

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Use your Astro card to make your regular, everyday purchases — no categories to worry about!


A portion of each transaction goes to support your chosen creator. Get points to spend from the creator in return.


Spend your points for rewards you actually want — from shoutouts, being featured on stream, or in a video!

Do you like asking your fans for money?
We don't.

Make passive income with the support of your fans without awkwardly asking them to contribute out of pocket

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capybara as an astronaut, also known as a capynaut

Create for you, not the ~algorithm~

Focus creating the content you want to create because you're already making bank

How it works

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payment card


Fans link their debit or credit card with Astro's app and choose a creator to support


Astro shows them where to spend their money to support you and earn Astro Points

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Fans use Astro Points to redeem rewards designed by their chosen creator


You earn part of the card-linked offer value the fans accrue from their purchases

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